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"CONSENSUAL" by Evan Placey. Photo by Jalen Laine Photography



Jessica Anne Nelson (she/her) is a theatre artist, dog-mom, rock climber, hiker, movie-watcher, baker, and wife. 

Matt Reznek.jpeg

Matt Reznek
Actor, Consensual

Jessica's attention to others’ safety and wellbeing continued as rehearsals started. She brought a natural warmth to the rehearsal room (and, as I quickly discovered, every other kind of room). It is impossible not to feel positive around her. Any acting impulse feels free to explore when Jessica is directing you because you know it will be met with openness and optimism.

The script of Consensual involved a very prolonged sexually explicit scene and Jessica approached it with patience, care and keen attention to the feelings of myself and the other actor involved, introducing sensitive elements methodically. 

Danielle Klaudt.jpg

Danielle Klaudt
Actor, Daughters-Mothers-Grandmothers

Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Jess should count themselves lucky! She is so perceptive and considerate, her rehearsal room is always a safe space. I worked with her as an actor on a devised project and found her direction style gentle and exploratory.

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Frank Zotter
Actor, The Crucible

Working with Jessica was a very special experience for me. I’ve had a fortunate run in this crazy craft, with over 100 productions under my belt professionally. Working with Jessica ranks among my best. I was in the midst of my masters degree adventure at UBC while playing a part in hers. I played Danforth in her Crucible. It was a real stretch for me. I would certainly not be cast in this role professionally but under Jessica‘s direction I felt like I was seen with a whole new set of eyes and she helped me feel callable. Every step of the way she was a source of joy and support. Her shiny positive demeanour was equally matched with a deeply curious and wise intelligence. Her room was an oasis of safety and Creativity. And much laughter. It is my hope that as many artists as possible can enjoy her special environment.


We Deserve to Work 

People with Disabilities Transforming Attitudes about and Experiences with Employment

A new play collectively created by artists with disabilities 

Tickets on sale Now!

Continuing from the successful collective creation of Romance, Relationships & Rights in 2019, Jessica is pleased to be back as a Director and facilitator for the collective creation of a new piece of theatre based around the topic of Employment.

We Deserve to Work is funded through a Vancouver Foundation grant that will support three years for research and development of a new piece of theatre. Jessica will be co-leading the self-advocates through the process of creating this new work of social justice and disability theatre. The new play will be a theatre performance co-created by and with self advocates supported by the Community Living Society and based on research by the Canadian Institute of Inclusion and Citizenship, in partnership with the Massey Theatre.

To learn more about the production, visit HERE.

Tickets are on sale NOW - get them HERE!


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Jessica Anne Nelson | Freelance Theatre Director, Creator, Producer and Intimacy Choreogapher
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