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"Rehearsals need to be a Safe Place where Dangerous Work can happen, otherwise we have Dangerous Places where only Safe Work can happen." -- Peter Hinton

Jessica Anne Nelson is an Intimacy Director in Vancouver, BC. With her MFA in Directing from UBC, and extensively training from artists and professionals across Canada and the U.S.A., Jessica can assist your project or production navigate those intimate moments on set and in rehearsal, from intimacy choreography, setting boundaries, conversations of consent, and creating a safe and respectful community within your production team.

Bring her in to assist with creating a positive and respectful community culture in your production, to choreograph the physically intimate moments, or to introduce consent and trauma-informed practices to your classroom of students or an overview for the whole company before rehearsals begin. For a detailed look at her intimacy training, look at her directing cv.

Whatever your needs might be, Jessica would love to have a conversation about it and figure out the best plan for your classroom or production. 

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