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Working as a Director, Creator, Producer, and Intimacy Director in Theatre, choose a production to learn more about each Current Production that Jessica Anne Nelson is working on.

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For this production, Jessica was the Intimacy Director.

In Camera skews the lens between realities in a brand new, sleek, and sexy translation from Jean-Paul Sartre’s original classic French text, Huis Clos, that proves itself more eerily relevant to today’s topsy-turvy world than it ever has before. This bold reimagining is set during the 2020 pandemic lockdown and explores connection, isolation, and the complexities of human relationships as the audience joins Estelle, Garcin, and Inez in hell during an online meeting no one can seem to leave…

In Camera, photo by Nico.png

People with Disabilities Transforming Attitudes about and Experiences with Employment

A new play collectively created by artists with disabilities and the team that brought you "Romance, Relationships & Rights"!

People with disabilities deserve to work! Follow the stories of individuals with disabilities (self-advocates) and their experiences navigating employment. Get a glimpse into the highs and lows of searching for work, interviewing for a job, the first day of a new job, dealing with conflict at work, asking an employer for help, and advocating for more responsibility, and future promotions. Focusing on what can happen on one day, we explore the intricacies of working at a Community Recreation Centre, a Pet Store, and an Office Building as self-advocates deal with the barriers, challenges, and successes that can happen in their search for meaningful work. 

Rehearsal Photo for _We Deserve to Work_.jpeg
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