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Collectively Created by Jessica Anne Nelson, with the assistance of Kayleigh Sandomirsky & Dan Willows 

Winner of the Best Site Specific Show Award

"Meanwhile" at the Fringe with Kuwaiti Moonshine

Meanwhile… is wonderful little outdoor show (about 15-20 minutes long) that is for one audience member at a time and has two actors. It’s very intimate and meditative, and is about reconnecting with the earth (Mother Earth being one of the characters). It’s a very unique and poetic theatrical experience that gives you a good moment in all the fringe chaos to ‘just breath’. I recommend seeing after it gets dark!"" -- GVPTA News, Alyssa Kostello

"I thought the Earth remembered me . . .” — Mary Oliver, Sleeping in the Forest

Join Blade in this one-on-one, intimate, interactive, and outdoor experiential theatre piece. You will help Blade to rediscover and reconnect with the nature that’s all around us, within us, and created from our own roots. Engaging all your senses with a bit of fun.


Blade: Kayleigh Sandomirsky

Gardener: Dan Willows & Gerald 

Creative Team:

Collaborators: Jessica Anne Nelson, Megan Gilron, Kayleigh Sandomirsky, Dan Willows & Mike Irvine

Lighting Design: David Cowling

Costume Design: Elliot Squire 

Documentation: Matt Reznek 

Publicity: Stefania Indelicato


VANCOUVER FRINGE FEST: A visit with Mother Nature

"Growing up on 40 acres in Langley, Jessica [Anne] Nelson often played alone in the forest and around the creek that ran through the property. Exploring nature was an integral part of her childhood. So when she came to the big city of Vancouver and worked with the Onsite program for the Vancouver Fringe Festival, the theme of Mother Earth was in the back of her mind for her new production. She walked around Granville Island and picked a spot along the boardwalk close to the False Creek community centre to stage her show, titled Meanwhile. The location, she said, is peaceful and surrounded by trees ­— some of which are drooping so low that they are propped up by steel beams. “It was that site that kind of inspired this story,” she said... " -- Tri City News. Read the rest of the article here

Meanwhile ... on Granville Island

"Three actors, two characters and an audience of one. It was an idea that had been buzzing through Jessica [Anne] Nelson’s mind since she was a student at UBC and learned that such an avant-garde approach to live theatre was even possible. And now the countdown is on, as the 25-year-old D.W. Poppy grad prepares to turn the concept into reality with her one act play, titled Meanwhile, at the upcoming Vancouver Fringe Festival, Sept. 6 to 15... " -- Langley Advance Times. Read the rest of the article here.

Meanwhile cultivates connection to nature at Fringe fest

"Meanwhile will be playing for 10 straight nights — a feat that will test the endurance of the cast. Kayleigh Sandomirsky, one of the performers, is doing seven shows a night with a 10-minute break between shows. This means she will be performing from 7:30 to 11 p.m. each night for 10 nights in a row. Even though she also works a full-time job, Sandomirsky thinks people should come to the show so they’ll learn how to relax. “People need to take a time out. I don’t think enough about taking one and when I do, I’m on my computer. It’s really nice to stop and do nothing, because we never do it and it feels so good,” said Sandomirsky.
Nelson said that seeing the site at Alder Bay reminded her of her childhood and the importance of taking time to admire nature. Like other shows in the Fringe’s Onsite program, the performance was inspired by the setting itself.
" -- The Ubyssey. Read the rest of the article here.

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